David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D.

David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized electronic medical device inventor who holds many patents, and received the Inventor of the Year Award in 1986 for the Infrared ear thermometer that is the standard for taking the body's core temperature all over the world.

Dr. Phillips is the Chairman, Board Certification Committee of The American College of Physical Medicine.

Currently he is the instructor for MDs and DOs seeking certification in: Board Certification in Neuropathy, Board Certification in Chronic, Intractable pain, and Board Certification for Opioid Addiction/withdrawal.

His list of inventions include:

GST System for the Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer

ReBuilder Pain Control System.

SilverCure, a family of personal hygiene products for curingMolluscum Contagiosum.

VeinPlicity for vein access.

SkinCooler to eliminate the pain of needle sticks.

Electronic Tick Removal Tool for removing ticks, their saliva, and regurgitation remnants.

AcuPen, an electronic acupuncture locating and treatment tool.

Electronic Allergy Detection System to instantly identify potential allergens without needles, etc.

Silver Electronic Iontophoresis Skin Cancer Treatment Device for self treating non-malignant skin cancers

HotRock, an automitive device to warm the driver's feet instantly in winter.

KittyShip, an electronic, silent, self bagging, hygenic kitty litter box.

Electronic Digestive Upset device, a classified interrogation device that uses sub-audible sounds to create gastric distress within an 8 foot radius.

MiniatureElectronic Rail Gun, a classified pistol that shoots undetectable, untraceable frozen darts silently.

Electronic Automobile Disabler, a classified EMP mobile device that instantly disables an adjacent vehicle.

Electronic Accoustice Personel Disabler. a classified, personal defensive device, that uses sub-audible sounds to create pain and confusion in an attacker.